Integrated Drug
Discovery Solutions

Researchers at Intonation possess not only specialized knowledge of a specific field but a broad translational knowledge of all fields, demonstrating that true integration results in the invention of strong drug candidates. This is how our chemists, biologists and computational scientists have worked together for nearly a decade.

Effective drug discovery campaigns are executed by multi-disciplinary, tight-knit teams working in close communication, reviewing data in real-time and continuously adjusting to events and conditions to overcome obstacles.

At Intonation, drug discovery occurs during a cycle of biology, chemistry, structural biology and in silico modelling, during which re-evaluations and readjustments happen seamlessly and in real-time. Our integrated approach combines the experience of our scientists, the agility of our teams, and therefore the transparency of our communications to supply a turnkey solution for your most challenging programs.

integrated drug

We offer all the relevant capabilities required to support drug discovery projects from hit identification through to candidate selection and beyond. We also offer service bundles or fully integrated drug discovery support to our clients, your partners and advisors, by blending extensive drug discovery knowledge, expert project management and excellent understanding and domain knowledge of therapeutic areas, particularly oncology, pain and anti-infectives.

  • World Class science and project management
  • Critical mass and optimised processes
  • Therapeutic area domain knowledge
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Diary of success delivering integrated projects